European BEST Engineering Competition Challenge

EBEC Challenge is a competition for students to compete in a multi-cultural environment across 88 local rounds and 14 national/regional rounds organized by student organization Board of European Students of Technology (BEST).

EBEC Challenge  brings together smart and creative students with representatives of companies under the auspices of the university.

The aim of EBEC Challenge is to raise social awareness of all students in relation to current global technical tasks (problems). EBEC Challenge offers the possibility for students to engage in these issues while developing their technical skillspresentation skills, ability to work in teams and practical experience.

EBEC Challenge Rounds

EBEC Challenge consists of two rounds: local and national/regional. The pyramid below represents the sequence of the different rounds.

1. Local round

This is the first round of the project. EBEC Challenge Local rounds are organized by Local BEST Groups from different technical universities. This year 88 universities in 32 countries from Europe will host EBEC Local rounds.

The winners of the two categories, Team Design and Case Study, proceed further and will meet with other local winners in their respective categories in the second and final (national/regional) round.

2. National/Regional round

National/Regional EBEC Challenge Rounds are organized by 14 countries in Europe. They will gather the winners of all Local rounds that are part of each National/Regional round. They usually last for 2-4 days and, in total, they collect around 600 students.