About EBEC Benelux

Benelux: Aachen, Delft, Ghent, Leuven, Brussels VUB, Brussels ULB, Li├Ęge, Louvain-la-Neuve




Team Design

The Team Design category consists of solving a given technical problem in teams within a limited time. The result of the competition should be a device, which has to perform the needed actions to solve the given problem (i.e. build a machine to transport something, build a ship, a plane, a crane, etc. which is able to do whatever has been asked). Materials, tools and needed explanations are provided to the participants by the EBEC Benelux team. You will get the chance to test your technical understanding of a practical construction by designing a physical product, which should perform a given task.

Winning teams of local Team Design rounds will participate in the EBEC Benelux Team Design round.

Case Study

The Case Study category consists of analysing and solving a real-life problem without actually constructing a device or assembling materials. You should develop an hypothetical solution using the information provided. In this competition participants will have to find a solution to a realistic problem through research and by using their innovative capabilities. In the end the teams will give a presentation explaining their solution(s) and the winner will be chosen by a jury.

Winning teams of local Case Study rounds will participate in the EBEC Benelux Case Study round.

Core team

The EBEC Benelux 2020 core team consists of the following members:

Main Organiser:                                    David De Vocht
Coordinator: Jasper Rots
Case Study Responsible: Amaliya Ananskaya
PR/Social Responsible: Mithil Kashipurad
Logistics Responsible: Ketan Adhav
CR Team: David, Amaliya, Jasper

Inspite of Coronavirus disrupting everything, we still managed to have regular online meetings to organize EBEC Benelux 2020 to the best we could, while having fun, hence keeping the BEST spirit alive!